Bentley Co is a custom injection molding company that manufactures and distributes quality products for the Gas and Electric Metering Industries. We have been servicing our worldwide customer base with quality products for over twenty years.


We would like to be your source for


Gas Meter Products


·     Index Box Covers for American, Rockwell, Sprague, National, Dresser and Itron Meters


·     Security Seals and Security Cups


·     Screws for Meter Covers and Cases


·     Gas Meter Gaskets and Seals for sealing Meter outlets


·     Meter Nut Plugs, Dust Caps and Paint Mask for Index Boxes


·     Gas Meter Connections and Meter Swivels


·     Extractor, Clincher, Security and Seal Removal Tools


·     Sealing Wire and Lead Seals


·    Repair parts for most Gas Meters including Internal parts, such as Flag Arms, Tangent Links, Sleeves, Bushings, Crank Frame Arms, Air Vent Fittings, and Axle Boxes and Index Shaft Seals


·    Buying or Selling Used Gas Meters and Meter Parts



Electric Meter Products


·    Electric Meter Covers for Duncan, GE, Westinghouse, ABB/Elster, Sangamo, Most AMR meters, Itron Centron, TWAQ, Turtle and Hunt Meters


      ·    Safety Guard Blank-Out Meter Covers which fit Virtually Every                            Single Phase Meter Socket


      ·    Transformer Connection Covers



Bentley's Commitment to Quality


It is the Bentley Company's mission to provide our customers with products containing zero defects in material and workmanship. Our constant goal is to provide products on time, with quality that meets or exceeds our customer's requirements. We guarantee your complete Satisfaction with All of our parts, if not satisfied your company can inform us and return for complete credit. We buy our materials only from reputable plastic distributors that supply us with Material Certification and lot numbers to guarantee quality and consistency in our products. Our molding machines are constantly monitored to assure that correct tolerances are maintained. We take great pride in providing quality products, prompt shipping and excellent service.



Bentley Company

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